Ethrium Broker Scams

If you’ve heard of Ethereum-Global and other Ethrium broker scams, you’re probably a victim of one or more of them. If you’ve been scammed by an unregulated broker, you should withdraw your funds immediately. This type of scam involves a person who contacts you claiming to be an “investment advisor” or “trader” and asking you to fund their account using cryptocurrency. Often, they’ll promise a high profit rate and ask you to fund their account using your own cryptocurrency. While they will try to lure you in with a too-good-to-be-true promotion, they can’t retrieve your crypto once you send it.

You might notice that you receive suspicious emails from people who pretend to be Ethrium brokers. This could be a phishing scam. These emails ask you to enter a code or seed phrase to reset your password, or to send ETH. These messages might also try to download malware on your computer to give the scammer access to your files. So, when you receive a suspicious email, don’t click on it right away.

You should also be wary of referral codes. Most scams target early investors who are usually the most vulnerable. This is why you should never rely on reviews or comments on social media to decide whether to invest in a particular company. Instead, check out online reviews to be sure. That way, you’ll be able to spot the scammers before you invest your money. You can learn more about the scams that plague the Ethrium community by checking out our site!